is Linda's full-time business, as well as her creative outlet. What began as a devastating diagnosis of what could've been a life threatening disease has blossomed into a newfound love for people, health and wellness. Previously a career accountant, Linda can be found volunteering her time at a nearby Senior Center. While there, she balances checkbooks and lovingly encourages others to make "financially healthy" choices. Born with a very green thumb, Linda has always enjoyed gardening and canning. In fact, she is currently experimenting with many new Healthy Recipes, (Vegan options available) as well as organizing a Home Delivery Schedule for families who reside in The Inland Empire area.

Linda's husband & best friend Stephen reside in Woodcrest where they enjoy grilling healthy food, working on home improvement projects and playing with their pets. Previously a full-time corporate accounting professional, Linda happily traded in her 9-to-5 gig for a rewarding career as a health & wellness enthusiast. The best part: working from her home, she gets to spend more time with loved ones. She even makes time to Skype with her daughter, Athena who lives in Hawaii. Athena & her husband Jim are cheering Linda on from across the ocean as she reaches out to others with a message of hope through daily healthy choices.  Linda is also proud of her grandson, Jordan. He is currently serving our country as a Corporal in The US Marine Corps. He and his wife, Christina also live in Hawaii.

Riverside, CA Resident and Founder: Linda Oldale

Linda & Stephen's Delicious Grilled Vegan Appetizers